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— Las Vegas, NV —  Casino Journal, a leading gaming industry trade publication, recently wrote about PDS Gaming and included an interview with PDS Gaming’s founder and CEO, Johan Finley.  Below is an excerpt from the article and a link to the full text on Casino Journal’s web site.

Casino Journal, July 6, 2016 Issue
by Paul Doocey

PDS Gaming Corporation equipment leasing and flexible finance options

PDS Gaming Corporation has carved out a successful business niche by offering financial products and services to gaming companies of all shapes and sizes.

For the past 25 years, PDS Gaming Corporation has become a reliable source for gaming businesses seeking equipment leasing and flexible finance options that include month-to-month, long-term, revenue participation and flat-fee programs. PDS is currently involved with 300 casinos in multiple jurisdictions across the U.S., and has been responsible for $1.4 billion in total transactions. PDS Founder and CEO Johan Finley recently took some time to answer questions from Casino JournalEditor Paul Doocey. Below are some excerpts from this exchange:

What are some of the financial services you offer the gaming industry? Which of these products are the most popular? Why?

Finley: PDS offers a variety of financial products to the industry, including leasing, short- and long-term rentals, and other financial solutions to casinos, route operators, manufacturers and distributors. The company’s primary focus is on gaming equipment and FF&E that casino operators and route operators need. For manufacturers and distributors, PDS provides financial products for their customers, capital for their operations and factoring of receivables. These are the most popular products offered by PDS.

Because PDS has manufacturer, distributor and route operators gaming licenses in multiple jurisdictions, it is able to own gaming equipment and to offer a number of financial solutions other companies may not be able to offer. By having a number of gaming licenses and access to significant capital PDS is able to fill a void that traditional banks and other financial entities are not able to fill.

I understand your company offers financial services to three categories of clients—operators, equipment manufacturers and corporate gaming products. Please describe these different business segments and how you have tailored financial/lease products to meet their needs.

Finley: That is correct. PDS has three primary customers; casinos, route operators and manufacturers and distributors. Each has a common thread; the need for company or customer financing solution. For casinos and route operators PDS helps facilitate the casino or route operator’s decision to lease or rent depreciating assets such as gaming machines, fill capital needs to round out their capital structure, or maintain their equity capital for use on higher return projects or harder to finance amenities. For manufacturers and distributors, PDS provides financial programs for their customers helping them sell more equipment. PDS also provides a solution to the manufacturers and distributors for liquidity by monetizing the manufacturers and distributors accounts receivable. In addition, many manufacturers and distributors need more access to capital to develop markets and products. PDS provides them another alternative to banks.

What are some of your bigger or better known “wins” in each of these segments? Historically, which of these client categories has performed best for the company?

Finley: Over the past 25 years, PDS has been involved in some very high profile new casino projects….


For the full story, follow this link to Casino Journal’s publishing web site:

Casino Journal, July 6, 2016 Issue


About PDS

PDS Gaming is a finance and leasing company that specializes in customized financing solutions, including equipment leasing, project and corporate financing and manufacturing vendor financing programs for the gaming industry. PDS Gaming is licensed in most of the major U.S. and Native American jurisdictions.

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